Help your immune system regain control over Human Papillomavirus

HuPaVir is an innovative, patented, safe and effective formula that allows your immune system to regain control and clear up human papillomavirus (HPV). It is indicated for the care and prevention of women’s and male health in the treatment of HPV/HPV and for the elimination of condylomas.

HPV Human Papillomapills Treatments

Numerous scientific studies analyze that what really destroys the virus and prevents the progression of the lesion is the immune system (cells Natural Killer o NKs).

HPV Human Papillomapills Treatments

From scientific studies on the role of the immune system in the prevention and treatment of Human Papillomavirus infection, we have developed HuPaVir. HuPaVir is unique, due to its oral administration and rapid absorption, has a systemic mechanism of action, that is, it reaches the whole body and helps to combat HPV/HPV from within. This systemic action is a superior therapeutic advantage in relation to topical treatments that have only superficial action.

HPV Human Papillomapills Treatments

Biggest features of HuPaVir

  1. It helps maintain an optimal level of the immune system.
  2. Increases the amount of Natural Killer or NKscells.
  3. Contribution of 18 amino acids in the form of peptides and dipeptides.
  4. It contains Folates, substances that contribute to the immune balance.
  5. It contains vitamins and minerals that help keep the mucous membranes and skin healthy.

Advantages of HuPaVir over other products

  1. Systemic action: HuPaVir is administered orally and absorbed into the bloodstream, so action is given throughout the body in an integral way. In this way it allows the immune system to regain control over the Human Papillomavirus.
  2. Ease of use: there are vaginal products in the case of women, which can cause discomfort and discontinue treatment during periods of menstruation.
  3. Security: HuPaVir is a safe product and can be administered in conjunction with other treatments (consult with your gynecologist). It does not produce any detected adverse reactions as do other pharmaceuticals.
  4. Effectiveness: The active components of HuPaVir have been studied and have been shown to be able to increase by 63 Natural Killer or NKscells, which play a critical role in combating and clarifying Human Papillomavirus.


  1. HPV test +
  2. L-SIL, H-SIL, ASCUS: 1 sachet per day (1-0-0), for minimum 6 months until HPV/HPV is negativized.

  3. Condylomas, warts: 2 sachets per day (1-0-1) until the lesion is lodged. Once gone, it is recommended to continue treatment until 6 months with 1 sachet per day (1-0-0).

Note: It is recommended to take HuPaVir outside meal times.


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